I caved in and let L stay the night.
Its been months since we kicked it.
I started missing him. We started texting a lot more recently. Next thing I know, he’s coming over and we have the best sexual chemistry that I’ve experienced in my entire life.
There were things we both said in the heat of the moment and I do believe deep down he wants something more from me, but I have my guard up big time.
I don’t trust L to give me what I need in a relationship. Trust is one of those things, I just don’t put much hope into many people the way I used to. I’m so detached and can now easily separate sex from my emotions.
Felix helped make that a lot easier for me to accomplish.

Have you ever kicked it with someone and y’all are joking but they say some offensive rude shit that shocked the fuck outta you?
It makes me question how I appear to my so called “friends” .
I don’t trip, cause in my mind, I don’t really get down with that passive aggressive, half joking thing.
If I don’t like someone, then I won’t kick it with them…At all.
If there is something that bothers me about someone, I will just say it straight up.